Thank you for your interest in our school.  We are delighted to share the wonderful things about our amazing school with you.  Below you will find a list of the top ten of many reasons why to choose a catholic education for your child. 


Catholic elementary and high schools offer:

  1. Catholic tradition and academic excellence in a community grounded in a common faith.

    Our Catholic faith calls us to use our God given gifts to the best of our abilities, this inspires our students, teacher and staff to always strive for academic excellence in everything we do. 

  2. Balanced curriculum including art, music and fitness.

    At St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic school we believe in teaching the whole child; mind, body and spirit.  We offer a well-rounded education including art, music, drama, fitness, and sports. 

  3. Emphasis on moral development, service to others and leadership skills.

    The student at STA are not only instructed in things that receive letter grades, but also in those things that make us contributing members to society as a whole.  Students receive religion instruction every day and our faith and values are incorporated into all instruction. 

  4. A 99 percent graduation rate in Catholic high schools.

    Catholic schools have a national average of a 99% graduation rate. 

  5. Strong preparation for further education.

    Our students receive a foundation of work ethic, perseverance, and determination that help them to continue to strive to further themselves so they can serve others.   

  6. Safe and disciplined environment.

    Our school is safe and secure.  All students are held to high discipline standards. 

  7. Exceptional faculty who help students reach their highest potential.

    All of our teachers are certificed by the state of Florida Department of Education in their specialized fields.  50% of our staff also hold masters degrees.  All teachers and staff consider their positions here not just a job, but a ministry and vocation. 

  8. Individual attention in a caring community.

    At STA our students are not just a number.  They are treated as family.  The children at STA know that they are loved and cared for from the moment they enter the door. 

  9. Commitment to technology use to enhance education.

    Our school is constantly enhancing our technology to give our students access to all the materials they would need to be 21rst century learners. 

  10. Good stewardship of resources.

Every penny, minute, and donation to our school is handled as a precious gift.  The school has a monthly finance committee meeting to ensure that we are utilizing our resources to their best advantage. 


Please stop by our school for a tour and an opportunity to discuss how we can best serve the needs of your children.  May God Bless you and your family in all of your future endeavors.