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STA Education

Catholic education at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School was created to advance the growth of the individual, and the development of the whole person. This call to formation of the whole person in students is one with far-reaching implications for curriculum and instruction. It places special emphasis upon learner outcomes, but in the balanced context of a faith community that insists upon the continuous formation of the teacher and subject matter that is organized relevantly to the holistic development of the student.

We believe every parent should be involved with their child's spiritual and academic growth. Below are information areas pertaining to how a Catholic Education gives instruction, which includes  grade level benchmarks.

Religion Curriculum

Common Core State Standards for English Language & Literacy in other Subject Areas

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Social Studies Standards

Mathematics Standards

Science Standards

National Technology Standards for Students

Physical Education Standards

Health Standards

Visual Arts Curriculum

Music Curriculum

Media Curriculum

Early Learning and Developmental Standards for Four Year Olds