St. Thomas Aquinas Sports

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Tom Raymond

Athletic Director


For students in Kindergarten through 4th grades STA offers the "Crusader Club".  The Crusader Club includes a variety of sports and activities that take place after school.  These clubs use an intramural format in which STA students participate with and against other STA students.  The students are walked to the event location on-campus by a faculty member.  The Crusader Club offers safe, educationally conducive, and fun activities for the K-4th grade students at STA.  Events conducted include soccer, flag football, floor hockey, pep squad cheer, basketball, volleyball, cooking, art, and Lego club.  Please be on the look-out for a registration sheet in your child's communication folder.

For middle school students (5th through 8th grades), STA participates in the Catholic Youth Sports (CYS) League.  All twelve Catholic middle schools in the Orlando area participate in soccer, basketball, track, and volleyball.  The CYS also offers flag football for boys' in the 7th and 8th grades.  STA has a cheerleading team from November to March.  There are three levels for each sport--Varsity (8th), JV (7th), and JJV (5th and 6th).  Boys' and girls' teams are available for each.  The sports of the CYS emphasize sportsmanship and competitive play in an effort to prepare our student-athletes for high school participation.  Please see the CYS website @


CYS Sports Seasons

August-October--Boys' Soccer and Girls' Basketball

October-December--Boys' and Girls' Track


January-March-Boys' Basketball and Girls' Soccer

March-May-Boys' and Girls' Volleyball and Boys' Flag Football (7th/8th) 

 Catholic Middle School Athletic Conference (CMAC). All twelve Catholic middle schools in the Orlando area participate in CMAC for basketball, soccer, track and volleyball. Skill levels are generally split into three levels - varsity, junior varsity (jv), and junior junior varsity (jjv). Boys and girls teams are available for each sport, and the emphasis is a high caliber of competition to prepare the children for high school athletics.

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